About Europeup File Sharing Service

Europeup is an online storage and file-sharing/hosting service that aims to provide users with a complete and user-friendly solution for managing digital files online and on the go. Available on Windows, OSX, Android, and iOS, we are among the few cloud storage and sharing solutions that offer unlimited downloads, zero wait times, download resuming, and more, all for free.

Every month, millions of users utilize our free file sharing service to quickly and safely store, organize and share all their professional and personal data in the cloud. We realized that there are certain gaps in the manner in which people share files online, and the solutions were inadequate in many aspects. So, with a well-balanced marketing strategy, software engineering, and UX design, we set out to do something about it.

The result is one of the most popular, high-speed, and free file-sharing services with remote backup capacity as well as profitable affiliate programs. With the help of our dedicated Europeup support team, you can upload, share and download documents, videos, images, audio, flash files, and other intellectual properties (IPs) on one platform.

What We Offer

1. Uploading /Downloading and Cloud Storage Services

With our free file sharing service, you can upload your files with a maximum upload file size of 1 GB for each file. We have invested in reliable servers with large storage capacity and fast network speeds.

With our Premium Plans, the maximum upload file size is unlimited. You also access cloud storage space up to 500 GB, where your files can stay indefinitely. As a Premium account holder, you also get no advertisements, no download delays, and no download captchas.

We also have a free registered user plan. With this plan, the maximum upload file size is unlimited. As a registered Europeup user, you get free cloud storage space up to 50 GB, as well as unlimited downloads.

We also provide maximum quality download and streaming services. The download volume is unlimited; you can download as many files as you want. Our services also feature remote URL upload, support for download accelerators, and download resume.

2. Rewards Program

Our free file sharing service enables you to generate income from your files. The process is simple. You register on our website, upload your files and share them with other users.

You automatically generate income from your account when other users view and download your files. Europeup offers three main reward programs – Rewards PPD, PPS, and referral programs:

· PPD (Pay Per Download) – This simple rewards program enables you to generate income when users download your files. We pay up to 7 Euros per 1000 downloads. We count downloads from countries around the world with the highest rates. We also count downloads from file sizes above 1Byte. We have different Tiers in this rewards program where the amount you earn is tied to the file size downloaded.

· PPS (Pay Per Sale) – The PPS or reseller program is an affiliate program that enables you to buy our Premium accounts at discounted rates of 30% and resell these accounts to users in your local currency with a local payment method of your preference. You have to be a verified Europeup reseller to access this affiliate program.

Apply to become an approved Reseller if you meet our criteria and access our Reseller Portal, where you can buy discounted Premium subscriptions. As a Europeup affiliate, you earn a commission on every Premium account and file sales you make. With our PPS reward program, you can earn 50% of all sales. You can also earn 50% of recurring payments for VIP files.

· Referral and Webmaster Programs – Through the referral Mod, you earn 20% from each referral that purchases a Premium account. With the Webmaster Mod, you can earn 10% per resale or download using your website. Our systems track referral string back to your site, and you receive a percentage off a sale or download.