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CNZJUMJA   April 20, 2018

I want to join your host but today i see your host theme have been changed have some issue ?

bouykiU+P   April 20, 2018

Servers are upgraded and designed

CNZJUMJA   May 1, 2018

I can't upload

bouykiU+P   May 8, 2018

A problem has been resolved

CNZJUMJA   May 10, 2018

I will join and work with you again

bouykiU+P   May 18, 2018


Remixed   June 23, 2018

when is payout? how long will it take to get the payment?

FFNOREPLY   July 23, 2018

My account was lost after uploaded files 400-500 files all files lost

Please check "cnzjumja"

bouykiU+P   August 12, 2018

Very sorry there was a problem with copyright

samuraijapan   November 21, 2018

hello admin i share adult photos
can i
i can bring nice traffic

Follima   December 7, 2018

I upload some pictures yesterday, I haven't seen any green light.

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