Europeup Simple File Storage and Sharin News


Per 1000 downloads

Tier 1:USA,Canada,United Kingdom :8$

Tier 2:Australia,Germany,China,Brazil,Denmark,Sweden,Emirates :6$

Tier 3:Japan,New Zealand,Belgium,France,Netherlands,Norway,Switzerland,kuwait and South Africa :4$

Tier 4:all Others Countries :2$

Swap $5 for 30 days of premium.

70% of Premium Account Sales.

50% of Premium Rebills.

50% of Reseller.

30% MIX (Mixed plan)

10% of Referral Earnings.

10% of Webmaster,Applicable for sales and downloads.
Program Information:

All file sizes qualify for points.

We count every successful 100% completed downloaded.

Don't Delete your files gathered Money when you request payment.

Payment via Support all electronic banking.

minimum (PayPal1$),(Skrill1$),(neteller5$),(payoneer25$),(Other Western Union(100$minimum)

Maximum upload file size: 4 GB.

Files without activity will be removed from our system after 35 days

Desktop software for fast file upload and monitor files.

Android app to monitor account and files.