Europeup Simple File Storage and Sharin News

April 03th, 2016


Per 1000 downloads

Tier 1:USA,Canada,United Kingdom :8$

Tier 2:Australia,Germany,China,Brazil,Denmark,Sweden,Emirates :6$

Tier 3:Japan,New Zealand,Belgium,France,Netherlands,Norway,Switzerland,kuwait and South Africa :4$

Tier 4:all Others Countries :2$

Swap $5 for 30 days of premium.

70% of Premium Account Sales.

50% of Premium Rebills.

50% of Reseller.

30% MIX (Mixed plan)

10% of Referral Earnings.

10% of Webmaster,Applicable for sales and downloads.
Program Information:

All file sizes qualify for points.

We count every successful 100% completed downloaded.

Don't Delete your files gathered Money when you request payment.

Payment via Support all electronic banking.

minimum (PayPal1$),(Skrill1$),(neteller5$),(payoneer25$),(Other Western Union(100$minimum)

Maximum upload file size: 4 GB.

Files without activity will be removed from our system after 35 days

Desktop software for fast file upload and monitor files.

Android app to monitor account and files.

February 24th, 2016

the new system of payement

however the problems that we have we still pay our membres.
recently the membres require the payement and they delete their files without reason , we won't pay them .for more informations please contact us.

January 22th, 2016

4 GB file size

Files are getting bigger and bigger these days. So we decided to increase our file size limit to 4 GB. Registered members only

January 22th, 2016

New Server 3

New Server
Server #3 (file3) was added today. Disques 3x4To SOFT
vRack 1 Gbps

October 10th, 2015

Torrents upload


Torrents upload service

May 22th, 2015


Security is very important these days. So we decided to install a SSL certificate for using over HTTPS to protect your privacy.

January 22th, 2015

Disable AdBlock for downloading

It is necessary to obtain our service that you disable AdBlock for downloading a file from now on.
Thank You for the inconvenience.

February 05th, 2014

the problem of system of earning

less then 12 hours i will resolve the problem .
and the earns still the same it will not be reduced .