Regarding payments

The payment will start again after 5 days
We face a problem with PayPal
Thank you for understanding

New Server 117
New Server
Server #117(file117) was added today. Disques 3x4To SOFT
vRack 1 Gbps
UnlimitedGB file size
Files are getting bigger and bigger these days. So we decided to increase our file size Unlimited GB. Registered members only
the new system of payement
however the problems that we have we still pay our membres.
recently the membres require the payement and they delete their files without reason , we won't pay them .for more informations please contact us.
Torrents upload

Torrents upload service
Security is very important these days. So we decided to install a SSL certificate for using over HTTPS to protect your privacy.
Disable AdBlock for downloading
It is necessary to obtain our service that you disable AdBlock for downloading a file from now on.
Thank You for the inconvenience.
the problem of system of earning
less then 12 hours i will resolve the problem .
and the earns still the same it will not be reduced .